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Hello Visitor, welcome to the home of the mighty [OF].  The Old Farts is a clan of mature dedicated gamers focused mainly on gaming. If you liked our server(s) and is seeking interest in joining the ranks, please by all means, register. We're not a competition clan, so there are no commitments what-so-ever. Just be yourself, join us on Teamspeak regularily to chat, post in our forums, and have a good time.

Fun is the ultimate goal. I'm going to quote what Dslyecxi wrote in his TTP guide which pretty much sums it up.

" is worth reiterating that we are playing games here. The point is to have fun - in our case, we strive for organized, disciplined fun. We are not trying to pretend that we're in the military - many of us have already been there, done that, or are still there and doing that. We're in the games and playing ArmA2 to have a good time. We're a community of friends, ultimately, and that is far more important than any milsim make-believe ever will be." --Dslyecxi Founder of Shack Tactical Platoon of ARMA and author of TTP2 for ARMA II.

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