OF Teamspeak 3
[OF]Zodiiac: Calling ALL OF Vets: (www)
[OF]Mad_Ghost: Hey SUNFIGHTER! Register at the new site below
[OF]Mad_Ghost: New Teamspeak info @ theoldfarts.enjin.com
[OF]Mad_Ghost: theoldfarts.enjin.com
[OF]SunFighter: Hey all, My 'puter took a dump ( was installing a BIOS upgrade and now it can't finf the HD to boot) .
[OF]Mad_Ghost: SUNFIGHTER.... WHERE ARE YOU? Hop on TS to say hello when you can.
[OF]Zodiiac: Yep put it on most every nite.
[OF]Mad_Ghost: Fell off a ladder, off of work for a few days :/
[OF]Mad_Ghost: Zod, u still on TS? I'll check in a few times over the next couple of nights
[OF]Zodiiac: Request senr
OF_Romm: Hey Zod, what's your steam acct name? Mine's cmoreland, give us a shout
[OF]Zodiiac: YO! Trek is working to get site up, sry can't msg from here. If I see you on steam or origin I can hook ya up. W/B u2
OF_Romm: And yep, That's a bunch of Horse-Sh*t!!!
OF_Romm: Hey ya bunch of slackers, FoG just checking in. Been a long time, hope u all are doing well.
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