Hello Visitor, welcome to the home of the mighty [OF].  The Old Farts is a clan of mature dedicated gamers focused mainly on gaming. If you liked our server(s) and is seeking interest in joining the ranks, please by all means, register. We're not a competition clan, so there are no commitments what-so-ever. Just be yourself, join us on Teamspeak regularily to chat, post in our forums, and have a good time.

Fun is the ultimate goal. I'm going to quote what Dslyecxi wrote in his TTP guide which pretty much sums it up.

"...it is worth reiterating that we are playing games here. The point is to have fun - in our case, we strive for organized, disciplined fun. We are not trying to pretend that we're in the military - many of us have already been there, done that, or are still there and doing that. We're in the games and playing ArmA2 to have a good time. We're a community of friends, ultimately, and that is far more important than any milsim make-believe ever will be." --Dslyecxi Founder of Shack Tactical Platoon of ARMA and author of TTP2 for ARMA II.

OF Gamer News

WOAH. Time to give up the fairies and elves from fantasy-worlds. Behold the MMO of the future...2015.

R6 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha. 2015 Release. Hot Damn.

Save your pennies. November, this one hits the shelves.

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